Bridal SS15

Zatvori Pokaži

Lukabu by Marina Jerant BRIDAL 2015

Fashion house Lukabu by Marina Jerant launched a new glamorous bridal collection for spring/summer 2015 showing aesthetically and stylistically recognizable style that designer is nurturating through her work. Inspirated by high fashion and bohemian lifestyle, “Dare to be different” was the idea behind each wedding dresses, but the goal was also to show a glamorous bride with a touch of sexy sophistication.

The designer has combined lace and pearls in a very careful way through translucent fabric texture highlighting the contrast of bare skin, but preserving chastity. Beautiful pearl necklace signs Vlatka Andrlon Chick Art Jewelry. The campaign was made in old town of the island of Murter, and the model is Luna Valas who lives in Milan.

The campaign is currently signed by Croatian Designers photographer Karmen Poznić.

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