LUKABU by Marina Jerant SS15

Zatvori Pokaži

Sensual spring fashion by Lukabu

This spring designer Marina Jerant brings a touch of glamor through refined lines cut is offered and metallic colors announces more exciting than spring. Lukabu, which is synonym for elegance and sensual femininity, brings out a dress for any occasion. From must-have everyday clothing pieces perfect for the job to the top of elegance for evening look that will accentuate most seductive to you. Innovative fabrics, bright color palette that faithfully follows the seasonal trends and the quality of materials and workmanship monitors collection and makes it ideal for urban, dynamic, today’s woman.

Photo signed by Carmen Poznić / Recent Photography, makeup Tena Basic, hair Iva Baletić / Strawberry, model Lucana Mirko / Talia Models

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