New collection “Wildest Moments”

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27 sij. 2014 in Novosti

Autor : lkb

After the last Cro-a-Porter and successfully presented SKIN4REBELS collection, which picked up excellent reviews from Croatian fashion scene, Osijek fashion designer Marina Jerant Ljubojević (Lukabu), represents a new attractive collection.

It is a collection called “Wildest Moments” for Spring 2014. which contains a number of beautiful models and wedding dresses.

– These wedding dresses and festive dresses are unique and modern, made ​​for powerful and elegant women. They are full of sensuality, although emphasis is on a strong and powerful woman with an attitude. They are modern and elegant with tiny details that make each dress special – says Marina, whose name has become synonym for prestige and elegance on croatian fashion scene. Othervise, these dresses are available in Lukabu office (Ante Starčević Square, NAMA, first floor). T.Levak



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